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Sometimes GP’s are unable to prescribe a medication on the NHS so they will issue a private prescription. We dispense private prescriptions from all GP’s, doctors and dentists for a very competitive price. Drop in with your private prescription and we will let you know how much we charge before you decide to collect it here.



Stopping smoking is the single most important piece of lifestyle advice to improve your health, and here at Hagan Pharmacy we realise it’s easier said than done! If you’ve taken the first step and decided to attempt to quit, come and visit us for all the advice and support you need to successfully quit today. To help you achieve your smoke free future we can advise you on the most suitable nicotine replacement product; whether its patches, gum, nasal sprays or a lozenge there is a product to help you quit!



If you have had unprotected sex or you feel your regular method of contraception may have failed don’t panic. Here at Hagan Pharmacy you can talk discretely to a pharmacist who will be able to confidentially advise and supply you with the most suitable method of emergency contraception (if appropriate) and answer any questions you may have with regards to your sexual health.  If you think you require emergency contraception don’t delay, the sooner you act the more effective it is.

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